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GuangDong Advanced Thermoplastic Polymer Technology Co., Ltd.

ATPolymer In Industrial Cables

ATP's material polymer with High Temperature-resistance and Microbial-resistance, those are quite good player in the industry

ATP For Robot Control Cable

To maintain the balance of a humanoid robot with operating at a high speed, ATP TPU/PVC based polymer production for Robot Control Cable meets the normal operation under various climatic conditions.

ATP For Military & Aerospace Cables

ATP specialty Low Smoke Halogen Free TPU fully meets the requirements of a military complex environment.

ATP For Ocean & Water Floating Cables

Based on specialty TPU/TPO foaming technology, ATPolymer innovated convenient production and properties of products.

ATP For Medical Equipment Cable

ATP's polymer raw material for medical equipment passed ISO10993 "bio-compatibility" test, safety, soft touch, and elasticity.

ATP For Alternative Energy & Mining Cable

TPU compounds solution meets all kinds of energy and mining cable demanding requirements. In particular, rubber functional groups into TPU materials to participate in blending modification, provide better low-temperature hardening performance.
Industrial Cables
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21 Dec, 2022
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What is the Difference Between Polyethylene Insulation, Polyvinyl Chloride Insulation and Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulation?
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Olefins Are Raw Materials for What Products? What is Its Nature?
Ⅰ. Structural properties of olefinsThe molecular structural formula of monoolefin is CnH2n, C2-C4 is a gas at room temperature, it is a non-polar molecule, insoluble or slightly soluble in water. Hyd...
20 Oct, 2022
Analysis of the Reaction of Olefin Plus Protonic Acid and Hypohalous Acid
Ⅰ. Olefin plus protonic acid reactionAlkenes can carry out addition reactions with protonic acids: CH2=CH2+HX→CH3CH2X.Characteristics:1. Different olefins support regularityWhen the alkene is a diff...
08 Sep, 2022
About Thermoplastic Rubber
Ⅰ. How is thermoplastic rubber formed?Thermoplastic rubber is a new type of material that can be plasticized at high temperature and can show rubber elasticity at low temperature.Such materials have ...