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Detect fully meet the EU CPR regulations, IEC60332 and GB 31247 cable flame retardant grade.


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05 Apr, 2023
What Does the Hardness of Thermoplastik Elastomer (TPE) Mean?
The Hardness of Thermoplastik Elastomer (TPE)One of the key factors to consider when selecting a thermoplastik elastomer (TPE) is the material's relative softness or hardness. Hardness is also rel...
15 Jul, 2022
Difficulties and Processing Guidelines of High Flow Thermoplastic Rubber TPV Production
The TPV we are talking about here is a dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer composed of PP+EPDM. It is not difficult to understand that the fluidity of the entire TPV is provided by polyprop...
23 Jun, 2022
What is the Melting Point of Cross-linked Polyethylene Cable?
The physical properties of cross-linked polyethylene cables are significantly changed after being cross-linked by silane.1. The heat resistance of cross-linked polyethylene cable is improvedSince the ...
04 Feb, 2022
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