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Detect fully meet the EU CPR regulations, IEC60332 and GB 31247 cable flame retardant grade.


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29 Aug, 2023
Powering the Future: Unleashing the Potential of XLPE Material in New Energy Applications
In the dynamic landscape of new energy technologies, innovation in materials plays a pivotal role in shaping the way we generate, distribute, and utilize power. Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) materi...
10 Mar, 2024
Innovative Solutions: LSZH Cables for Data Transmission in Mines
As technology continues to transform the mining industry, the demand for reliable and efficient data transmission within mines has never been higher. In this digital era, where real-time monitoring, a...
06 Jul, 2022
Application of TPUa in Microbeam Optical Cable
ATP's Easy-peel series products are a series of special polymer alloy materials specially developed for the characteristics of multi-core microbeam optical cables mainly used in Europe that require manual and rapid peeling during construction and wiring.
11 May, 2024
Beyond Borders: LSZH Jacket Material in Aerospace Cables for In-Flight Safety
Elevating Safety Standards in AerospaceSafety is paramount in the aerospace industry, and every component used in aircraft must adhere to rigorous standards to ensure the well-being of passengers and ...