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Detect fully meet the EU CPR regulations, IEC60332 and GB 31247 cable flame retardant grade.


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09 Jun, 2022
Research and Development Progress of Cross-linked Polyethylene Prepared by Silane Cross-linking Method
1. Characteristics of silane cross-linked polyethylene insulating materialsThe silane crosslinking method includes two processes of grafting and crosslinking. The grafting reaction is that the initiat...
06 Feb, 2022
China Shanghai International Wire and Cable Industry Exhibition in 2017
China Shanghai International Cable Industry Exhibition (WireShow), as an extremely important international cable and wire professional exhibition in China and even in Asia, is committed to creating ...
28 Feb, 2022
Micro Module Cable/Optical Fiber Cable TPU Compounds for Loose Tube
Regionally speaking, Europe has always been in a leadingposition in the global cable manufacturing field…
10 Nov, 2022
Olefins Are Raw Materials for What Products? What is Its Nature?
Ⅰ. Structural properties of olefinsThe molecular structural formula of monoolefin is CnH2n, C2-C4 is a gas at room temperature, it is a non-polar molecule, insoluble or slightly soluble in water. Hyd...