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ATP Polymer News Recommendation
08 Jul, 2022
Several Injection Techniques of TPR Thermoplastic Rubber
1. If the surface of TPR thermoplastic rubber products is strictly required, it must be dried before injection moldingGenerally, it is hopper drying at 70~80℃/2h or tray drying at 80~100℃/1h. For tr...
11 Feb, 2022
The Second Plant of ATP Polymer has been fully operational in 2021
The first plant of ATP Polymer is in the city's Dongguan Industrial Park to produce thermoplastic polymers, which is used in wire & cable in 2007.The second plant was invested more than US$20 ...
10 Nov, 2022
Olefins Are Raw Materials for What Products? What is Its Nature?
Ⅰ. Structural properties of olefinsThe molecular structural formula of monoolefin is CnH2n, C2-C4 is a gas at room temperature, it is a non-polar molecule, insoluble or slightly soluble in water. Hyd...
19 Feb, 2022
CPR Jacket Material-LSZH
Polymer flame-retardant cable materials will produce toxic gases and smoke when burned, and will cause secondary disasters after a fire …