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Low Shrinkage LSZH

Low Shrinkage LSZH

Meet the cable jackets requirements for very low shrinkage (≤5‰) under high temperature, low temperature, and high and low-temperature cycle conditions. Compared with conventional LSZH materials, the Defender-SCTM series is innovative in that it introduces polar polymers with excellent high and low-temperature resistance, which improves the compatibility of the inorganic flame retardant with the polyolefin composition, while greatly increasing the high and low-temperature resistance of traditional LSZH materials. It makes the material have an obvious improvement in high and low-temperature resistance, mechanical properties, and environmental resistance. It is an ideal jacket material for high-power transmission cables in areas with large ambient temperature changes.

1. Flame retardant:

Fully support optical fiber cable to pass IEC60331-1-2 single vertical burning test;

2. Excellent high and low-temperature resistance shrinkage:

High-temperature shrinkage: 4 hours of treatment at 85°C cycles, if cooled to room temperature, shrinkage ≤ 3‰;

Low-temperature shrinkage: 40 °C for 4 hours, shrinkage at low temperature ≤ 3‰;

High and low-temperature cycle shrinkage: maintained at 85°C for 4 hours, and then reduced to -40°C for 4 hours, after two cycles, the maximum shrinkage at -40°C ≤ 5 ‰.

3. Better processing:

Fully meet the optical cable high-speed extrusion (≥150m/min), the wire diameter is round and stable, less flow, good color stability, higher yield rate. The product batch stability and uniformity are guaranteed.

Technical Data of Low Shrinkage LSZH

Technical Data SheetModel
ItemsMaterial PropertiesTest StandardTest ConditionUnit5622G--EBT-0004G
Physical CharacteristicsHardnessISO 4815SShore A
ProportionISO 1183-g/cm³
Brittle TemperatureISO 812-
Mechanical PropertiesTensile StrengthICE 60811-501200mm/min%
ElongationICE 60811-501200mm/minMpa
Hot Air AgingTensile Strength Retention RateISO37:2017-%
Elongation Retention RateISO37:2017-%
Electrical PerformanceVolume ResistivityASTM D257-Ohm-cm
Dielectric StrengthASTM D150--
Combustion PerformanceVertical Burning TestUL 943.0/6.0mm-
Oxygen IndexASTM D2863-%

Key Benefits of Low Shrinkage LSZH

Key Benefits of Low Shrinkage LSZH

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Low Shrinkage LSZH

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