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Tear Resistance XLPE

Tear resistance XLPE

The material properties related to the crack resistance of the cable mainly include the following items:

1. Low-temperature shock:

Low-temperature embrittlement impact is an important index to evaluate the low-temperature performance of cable materials. Polyolefin Cable Compound

The low-temperature performance of pure polyolefin materials is better, the low-temperature embrittlement impact temperature of pure polyolefin materials should be below -70℃, and the low smoke halogen-free polyolefin cable materials can basically pass the low-temperature embrittlement impact of -40℃.

2. Aging:

Thermal aging is to put the material into a thermal aging box to examine the changes in mechanical properties at a certain temperature and time.

After thermal aging, the properties of the material will generally decline. Thermal aging is an important indicator of the cable material, and it is also the basis for judging the temperature resistance level of the cable. For example, the temperature resistance level of the cable is 70°C, 90°C, 105°C, 125°C, etc., which are distinguished according to the thermal aging conditions. If the aging performance is poor or does not meet the temperature resistance level, the cable will crack.

ATP's xlpe material totally solves those problems and makes the cables with good tear resistance.

Technical Data of Tear Resistance XLPE

Technical Data SheetModel

Material Properties
Test Standard
Test Condition
General Characteristics
Material Category
Appearance (light/Semi-matte/Frosted)
Physical Characteristics
HardnessISO 4815SShore A86
ProportionISO 1183-g/cm³1.137
Melt IndexISO 1133-1:2011190℃/2.16kgg/10min1.2
Brittle Temperature
ISO 812-
Mechanical Properties
Tensile StrengthISO37:2017200mm/minMpa9.67
Tearing StrengthISO34-1:2015500mm/minKN/m
Hot Air Aging
Elongation Retention Rate
Tensile Strength Retention Rate
Electrical Performance
Volume Resistivity
ASTM D257-Ohm-cm
PermittivityASTM D150--
Combustion PerformanceVertical Burning TestUL 943.0/6.0mm-
Oxygen IndexASTM D2863-%

Key Benefits of Tear resistance XLPE

Key Benefits of Tear resistance XLPE

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Tear Resistance XLPE

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