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Medical Supplies Material Solution

TPU For Medical Supplies Material Solution

1. Excellent hydrolysis resistance and non-hemolysis;

2. Plasticizer free;

3. Beautiful appearance, and better transparency than other alternative PVC materials;

4. Better strength and flexibility than PVC, which can be used to make thin-walled pipes with high burst strength resistance and fluid storage bags;

5. Excellent twist resistance, good elasticity, and flexibility;

6. Low adsorb-ability for drugs, easy to adhere to;

7. Environmentally friendly thermoplastic polyurethane for sale, non-toxic, passed the ISO 10993 biocompatibility test.

TPU For Medical Supplies Material Solution

TPE For Medical Supplies Material Solution

1. Conforming to ISO 10993 bio-compatibility test;

2. Excellent aging resistance, high tear resistance, good resilience, not easy to deform;

3. Weak acid and alkali resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, can be used at - -50℃-120℃, excellent insulation, high permeability,

cracking resistance;

4. Environmentally friendly tpe for sale, non-toxic, passed the ISO 10993 biocompatibility test;

5. Comfortable Touch.

TPU For Medical Supplies Material Solution Datasheet

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Medical Supplies Material Solution

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