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Application of High Polymer Polymer Materials in the Automotive Field

Do you know that the Antarctic continent set a historical record in February 2019 with a temperature of 18.3℃, and extreme weather conditions such as heatwaves, floods, and volcanic eruptions are occurring worldwide? Every phenomenon in nature is warning us to protect the earth urgently, which has also driven the application of polymer materials.

As we all know, traditional energy vehicles as the "culprit" of greenhouse effect, the continuous increase in the number of vehicles has made emissions reduction of vehicles a top priority in environmental protection. With the deepening of the concept of vehicle lightweight, the application of polymer materials in vehicles is becoming more and more popular. Let's take a look at the application of polymer materials in modern engines below!

The application of polymer materials in the powertrain system of automobiles

The precision positioning ring can be used for various power transmission system applications, including power generation, distribution, conversion and control, as well as limiting noise, vibration, and roughness.

With its unique corrugated design and made of high-quality spring stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy, it can fix components, transmit torque, and provide torque overload protection, as well as axially slide between the hinge and mating parts with high thermal conductivity efficiency.

The application of polymer materials in electric motors

The brand new bimetallic technology combines a sturdy steel core with a flexible heat-conducting material, which can effectively solve the problem of heat transfer and easily solve the problems in electric motors of automobiles. It has safety, low cost and green production (no carbon-intensive heating and cooling stages), and combines high-performance heat dissipation advantages.

ATP Polymer is a leading manufacturer of polymer compounds that provides specialty plastics for global customers. ATP Polymer Technology Co., LTD (ATP) is a national high-tech enterprise committed to research and development, production, and sales of modified thermoplastic polymers, low-smoke halogen-free and other new environmental-friendly polymer materials. The main products include TPU, TPEs, LSZH, XLPE, etc., and are widely used in hot fields such as new energy vehicles, medical equipment, robots, 5G communications, building wiring, rail transit, military aerospace, smart wearables, and consumer electronics. Professional, cutting-edge and robust, ATP is your trusted partner in polymer materials collaboration.

Application of High Polymer Polymer Materials in the Automotive Field

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