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Application of TPE Materials in the Medical Industry

Medical TPE tourniquet

The medical TPE tourniquet material is a new environmentally friendly material based on thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber, which mainly contains SEBS, PP and white oil.


  • Smooth and delicate surface like skin texture;

  • High tensile strength and good hemostasis effect;

  • Good elasticity, small elongation, high production efficiency, and easy coloring;

  • Environmentally friendly, fully compliant with food, medical, and FDA standards;

  • Odorless, burns almost pollution-free as medical waste, and does not produce a large amount of carcinogenic dioxin like PVC. The special model is a professional nano-antibacterial formula, which can instantly kill 99% of common bacteria;

  • Does not contain special proteins and will not cause allergic reactions in special groups.

Medical TPE thermometer

Medical TPE material is applied to thermometers and is one of the typical applications of medical TPE materials in encapsulation.


  • Environmentally safe, does not contain phthalates, halogens, or the 38 SVHC highly concerned substances specified by the REACH regulations, complies with ROHS, REACH, NP, EN71, and PAHS environmental testing standards;

  • Good processing performance, adhesion effect, and encapsulation effect;

  • Good elasticity gives the thermometer a comfortable touch, improves the grip of the product, increases the aesthetics and additional value of the product.

Medical TPE roller

Medical TPE is recyclable, has adjustable hardness, and meets FDA and heavy metal content requirements. It is a recognized environmentally friendly material that meets the medical industry's demand for cleaner, safer, and cost-effective materials. The application of medical TPE materials in medical rollers is typical.


  • Good wear resistance, adhesive properties, and shock absorption performance;

  • Quiet operation without noise interference, achieving a silent effect;

  • Superior physical properties: good appearance texture, easy coloring, uniform color tone, and stability;

  • Resistant to general chemicals (water, acid, alkali, alcohol solvents), can be soaked in solvents or oil for a short time;

  • Non-toxic, pollution-free, and recyclable for secondary processing.

Medical TPE thin film surgical table cloth

Medical TPE materials can be used in medical thin film surgical table cloth.


  • Breathable, moisture-permeable and waterproof, antibacterial;

  • Good resistance to puncture and slip;

  • Delicate and dry texture, skin-like, and good skin affinity;

  • Good elasticity, small elongation, and fast recovery;

  • Easy to color;

  • Odorless, environmentally safe, and passed FDA testing.

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Application of TPE Materials in the Medical Industry

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