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Automotive high voltage wiring harness

The type of automotive harness cable depends on the environment and function of the harness. For example, the ambient temperature of the engine, power battery, corrosive body, and liquid are also many. Therefore, must make the temperature resistance, oil resistance, vibration resistance, and friction resistance wire; The conductor on the lid should maintain its elasticity at low temperatures, so the cold elastic conductor should be selected to ensure its normal operation; The conductor on the dynamic transmission must be resistant to temperature and hydraulic oil, and its temperature stability is better; Weak signal sensors to shield wire, such as knock sensor and crankshaft position sensor, ABS wheel speed sensor; Door inner line bending requirements. Automotive wiring harness wire usually makes multiple-stranded copper wire, insulation for PVC insulation material. Harness wire should have temperature resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, flame retardant, and other characteristics. Early automotive cable insulation material is mainly PVC (polychloroprene), but PVC contains lead, harmful to the body, in recent years has been gradually replaced by LSZH (low smoke halide material) TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), XLPE (crosslinked polyene), silicone rubber and other materials.


Automotive high voltage wiring harness

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