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Application of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer in New Energy Vehicles

As a new environmentally friendly material, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) combines the advantages of rubber and plastic and has a wide range of applications, including nearly 20 categories from interior parts to seals. However, what are the new areas that can be explored in addition to these fields?

TPU elastomer for new energy vehicles

TPU has great potential in the automotive industry, such as rubber sleeves and covers, where TPE is gradually replacing rubber as a electronic and electrical protection material. With the development of turbocharging power systems and three-dimensional blow molding pipes, TPU is further promoted in car applications. In Europe, the acceptance of truck prices in the market is high, and there is more space for material selection of trucks. Exterior parts such as spoilers and fenders are generally made of elastomers. However, China's demand for trucks is mainly focused on power and other aspects.

In short, with the introduction of mandatory environmental regulations, the increase of demand for lightweight, cost reduction, and improved reliability, engine temperature increases, space sealing enhancements, simplified production processes, reduced adhesives, replacement of thermosetting rubber, and increase in recycling rate, TPE will inevitably face larger application spaces in the automotive industry.

However, the development of TPU materials in China currently faces many obstacles, such as localization and scaling; technically, the requirements for high performance, low pressure variation, expanded application temperature range, improved TPV crosslinking rate, and low cost still require further efforts from the industry.

There are several forms of TPU materials applications in the automotive industry:

TPU/PP plastic alloys

This material has the advantages of light weight, excellent cost effectiveness, and recyclability, and is expected to be widely used in automotive interior and exterior parts, such as bumpers and brackets, various brackets and structural frames.

TPU/PC plastic alloys

The blend of TPU and PC can improve the toughness, stress cracking resistance, fracture sensitivity, solvent resistance, chemical resistance of PC, and reduce its molding processing temperature, thus expanding its application range in the automotive industry.

TPU/PVC plastic alloys

TPU/PVC alloy can significantly improve the elongation at break of PVC and greatly improve environmental protection, reduce the harm of plasticizers in PVC to the environment and human body, thereby expanding the application field of PVC.

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Application of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer in New Energy Vehicles

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