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Classification and Advantages of Flame Retardant TPU

How is thelevel of flame retardant TPU divided?

The flame retardant level of TPU is the same as that of ordinary wire products, divided into high-quality V1 and ordinary V2. In other words, TPU's temperature will not exceed 80℃ for a long time, which means that its service life will not be severely reduced due to its high temperature resistance. There is also heat-resistant TPU, which can withstand high temperatures of 130℃. In addition, there is glass fiber-modified TPU, which has a high heat resistance temperature.

Halogen-free flame retardant TPU raw materials are divided into polyester TPU/ether TPU, hardness: 71a-95a; processing level can be divided into injection molding/extrusion processing; color: black/white/natural/transparent, surface effect can be bright/half-mist/mist; quality: dust-free, no precipitation, cold-resistant, water-resistant, oil-resistant, wear-resistant, weather-resistant; flame retardant level: UL94-V0/V2, and the line can pass the VW-1 (vertical burning without dripping) test.

High-strength TPU has excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, solvent resistance, and high and low temperature resistance. It is the ideal coating material for wires and cables.

To use flame retardant TPU extensively in the field of wires and cables, its flame retardant performance needs to be further improved. Halogen-free flame retardant TPU has the advantages of being not easy to burn, low smoke, low toxicity, and reducing harm to the human body. At the same time, it is also an environmentally friendly material, which is the future development direction of TPU materials.

Advantages of flame retardant TPU

For many people, flame retardant TPU material sounds strange. In fact, it is everywhere. TPU is included in the production materials of many products. For example, halogen-free flame retardant TPU can also replace soft PVC to meet the increasing environmental protection requirements in various fields.

Strong tear resistance

TPU made of flame retardant material has strong tear resistance. In many harsh tearing environments, they can maintain good product integrity and good recovery. Compared with other rubber materials, its tear resistance is very superior.

High elasticity and strong elasticity

Flame retardant TPU material not only has strong wear resistance, but also has strong elasticity and resilience. The tensile strength of flame retardant TPU can reach 70MPa, and the tensile fracture elongation can reach 1000%, which is much higher than natural rubber and PVC.

Durable and aging-resistant

Under the mechanical and physical action, the surface of general materials will wear due to friction, scraping, and abrasion. The best flame retardant TPU materials are usually durable and aging-resistant, more than five times higher than natural rubber materials.

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Classification and Advantages of Flame Retardant TPU

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