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Does Medical TPE Material Precipitate?

TPE products have the problem of precipitation. Will medical TPE materials have this problem? There are many answers regarding the problem of TPE product precipitation, why has it been emphasized so much? How to ensure that TPE materials are dry and that products do not precipitate is a key point in the stability of TPE material quality. Will medical TPE material has precipitation? What is the precipitation of medical TPE products? Can it be avoided? Let's take a look.

Will medical TPE materials have precipitation?

Medical TPE materials have the possibility of precipitation, but it will inevitably affect the quality of medical TPE products, so how to ensure that medical TPE materials do not have precipitation is the guarantee of TPE manufacturers' quality.

What is the precipitation of medical TPE products?

Medical TPE materials are mainly high-transparency materials. In order to ensure the high purity and soft application of materials, necessary additives need to be added during the processing. So, what does the precipitation of medical TPE materials refer to? It refers to small molecules slowly running to the surface of TPE products as time goes by. As TPE is a solid dispersed solution system, this precipitation will be relatively slow, generally ranging from 3 to 30 days. The precipitation of solid dispersed system materials is also called migration in chemistry.

Causes of precipitation in medical TPE products

Small molecules are well compatible with TPE systems under higher temperature conditions. However, after granulation or product processing and recovery to normal temperature, the solubility of small molecules in the TPE system may exceed the standard. At this time, small molecules will slowly run to the surface of TPE products, commonly known as precipitation or migration. We believe that the reason for precipitation is due to an excessive amount of small molecule additives.

How to avoid the precipitation problem of medical TPE material?

Precipitation of medical TPE products is a quality problem and a situation that needs to be avoided in the production process. Therefore, it is very necessary to control the amount of some small molecular additives (such as compatibilizer, lubricant, transparent powder, etc.) in TPE formula design.

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Does Medical TPE Material Precipitate?

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