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Features and Applications of Cross Linked Polyethylene (PEX)

Cross linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes are considered a new generation of green pipes due to their excellent sanitation and comprehensive mechanical and physical properties. The main raw material for producing PEX pipes is HDPE, along with additives such as initiators, crosslinkers, catalysts, etc. The pipes are manufactured using the world's advanced one-step (MONSOIL method) technology. Ordinary polyethylene raw materials are used with silane grafting agents to form chemical covalent bonds between the polymer macromolecular chains, replacing the original van der Waals forces and forming a three-dimensional cross linked polyethylene network with a degree of crosslinking of up to 60% to 89%. This gives the pipes excellent physical and chemical properties.

The main features of cross linked polyethylene pipes:

  • The pipes can be used at a wide temperature range (-70℃ to 95℃) for an extended period of time;

  • The pipes are solid and have high resistance to internal pressure. The burst pressure at 20℃ is greater than 5Mpa, and at 95℃ it is greater than 2Mpa. The pipes have a service life of up to 50 years at 95℃;

  • The pipes are rust-free, resistant to chemical corrosion, and have excellent environmental stress cracking resistance. They can be used to transport a variety of chemicals and fluids that accelerate pipe stress cracking even at higher temperatures;

  • The low tension of the internal wall of the pipes makes it difficult for water with a high surface tension to infiltrate the inner wall, effectively preventing the formation of scale;

  • The pipes are non-toxic, do not mold, do not breed bacteria, and meet national standards for hygiene;

  • The smooth internal wall of the pipes has low fluid flow resistance, excellent hydraulic characteristics, and a higher fluid flow rate than metal pipes of the same diameter, with lower noise;

  • The thermal conductivity of the pipes is much lower than that of metal pipes, and therefore, they have excellent insulation properties. When used in heating systems, they do not require insulation, and heat loss is minimal;

  • The pipes have good memory properties. When heated to an appropriate temperature (less than 180℃), they become transparent and will return to their original shape upon cooling. Any improper bending during use can be corrected using a heat gun, making them easier to use;

  • The pipes are lightweight and easy to handle, and can be easily installed even by non-professionals. The installation workload is less than half of that of metal pipes;

  • The linear expansion coefficient of cross linked polyethylene pipes is much larger than that of metal pipes, so sufficient expansion space must be left during installation.

The main application areas of cross linked polyethylene pipes:

  • Building hot and cold water and drinking water pipeline systems;

  • Liquid food delivery pipes in the food industry;

  • HVAC piping systems, central air conditioning piping systems, ground radiation heating systems, solar water heater systems, etc;

  • Electrical and telecommunications conduit;

  • Industrial pipeline systems for electroplating, petrochemicals, etc.

Features and Applications of Cross Linked Polyethylene (PEX)

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