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High-Performance TPO Polymers Safeguard New Energy Vehicles!

With the increasingly mature and stable new energy vehicle technology, more and more people are choosing new energy vehicles, which are very popular in China. In addition to environmental protection, energy security, energy conservation and emission reduction, and industrial upgrading are also the reasons why the country vigorously develops new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles have higher requirements for range, power density, and energy utilization efficiency. The electric drive system is rapidly developing towards integration, miniaturization, and light weight.

High-performance TPO polymers provide reliable material solutions for driving motors

The driving motor is one of the three core components of new energy vehicles, replacing the engine of traditional cars and becoming the core central nervous system of energy conversion. The recent development trend of the driving motor has brought new technical challenges to electronic components and their insulation materials such as internal connectors, high-voltage connectors, rotary transformers, wire axes, and terminals. Many OEMs require electric vehicle components to achieve V-0 flame retardancy and resistance to ATF (automatic transmission fluid) corrosion, so materials must be very stable under ATF conditions.

PPS and PPA are proven reliable solutions and maintain excellent dielectric properties after thermal aging and fluid aging tests.

High-performance TPO polymers provide solutions for electromagnetic wire insulation materials

The electromagnetic wires used in motor products mainly include enameled round wires, enameled flat wires, mica wires, film wires, bare copper wires, sintered wires, and other types. The material and thickness of the electromagnetic wire insulation layer determine the performance level of the voltage that the electromagnetic wire can withstand between turns, to ground, and between phases.

  • PPS is suitable for working conditions with a maximum temperature of 200℃, which is better than the 160℃ required by transformer motor electromagnetic wire insulation materials. It is convenient to process into rectangular or other shapes to meet the requirements of component design.

  • When the enameled wire is difficult to achieve the required insulation layer thickness and dielectric performance for higher voltage, PEEK, which has better comprehensive performance, can be extruded and processed into electromagnetic wires of different specifications to improve the utilization of the internal space of the motor, provide slot filling rate, increase torque and power, and promote the reduction of motor size and weight.

High-performance TPO polymers provide new ways for innovative wheel hub motors

Vehicles driven by wheel hub motors can achieve better space utilization and higher transmission efficiency, but pose greater challenges to the thermal management of electric motors. At the same time, the components of the electric motor must be able to withstand long-term vibration safely.

PPS, with its superior comprehensive performance, provides a path to support innovative wheel hub motors. It has excellent molding and processing performance, heat resistance, flame retardancy, dimensional stability, chemical resistance to ATF, moisture resistance, and thermal conductivity.

High-Performance TPO Polymers Safeguard New Energy Vehicles!

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