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Type Analysis of Thermoplastic Rubbers

Thermoplastic rubber transcends the traditional boundaries of rubber and plastic in industrial production, and brings new changes to the development of the rubber industry. The emerging thermoplastic rubber is also simply called TPE. Another name in the industry is thermoplastic elastomer. It is a polymer material that is rubbery at ordinary temperatures, but can be super-plasticized at high temperatures. Valuable thermoplastic rubbers are divided into several types, which exhibit different properties and are used in different fields.

1. TPU thermoplastic rubbers

TPU type is a large category of thermoplastic rubbers. Ordinary TPU type has a big feature, that is, compared with ordinary other types of thermoplastic rubber, it has higher hardness, but it is also elastic. Therefore, TPU-type thermoplastic rubber is often used for molded products.

TPU thermoplastic rubber has some disadvantages while having various properties. Although it has oil resistance and ozone resistance to a certain extent, it is poor in aging resistance and cannot be placed in a humid environment for a long time.

2. SBC thermoplastic rubbers

Another category of thermoplastic rubbers is SBC type, which is divided into two types: linear and star. Because the emerging thermoplastic rubber of SBC type has the characteristics of strong tensile strength, it can meet various production needs.

At the same time, it is also very easy to process and resists flexing and abrasion. It is widely used in many industries such as shoe manufacturing and auto parts manufacturing.

3. TPO thermoplastic rubbers

TPO thermoplastic rubber is made by mixing binary or ternary ethylene propylene rubber and thermoplastic polyolefin. Its performance is mainly determined by the crystallinity of the ethylene-propylene rubber and the mixing ratio of the two raw materials.

The biggest feature of TPO thermoplastic rubber is its strong stability. At the same time, it also has special UV resistance properties. Therefore, it is widely used in non-tire fields, such as auto parts, building materials and so on.

4. CPE thermoplastic rubbers

CPE type is the higher cost type among the four types, but it has higher firmness than other types of products during its application. In addition, elasticity and chemical resistance are also good. It can be used in the production of pipes, profiles and small tires.

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Type Analysis of Thermoplastic Rubbers

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