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What is the Application of TPU in New Energy Auto Parts?

With the global development of carbon neutrality and the speed of carbon peaking, TPU has become a popular new material due to its recycling and environmental protection properties, making it a new darling in new energy vehicle components. TPU is a widely used thermoplastic elastomer. So, what are the applications of thermoplastic TPU in new energy vehicle components? Let's take a look together!

1. Thermoplastic TPU, an innovative thermoplastic elastomer, has unparalleled practicality. It is used in a variety of new materials for new energy vehicles, from car seats, headrests, safety airbags, seats to dashboards, car door panels, side panels, cup holders, car window seals, roof linings, shock absorber brackets, and structural frames. It is also used in car coatings, paint protection films, shock absorber pads, sound-absorbing foams, sealing materials, and more.

2. Thermoplastic TPU elastomer material can reduce the weight of automotive parts by 30%-35% and reduce purchasing costs by about 30%-40%. It is recyclable, renewable, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and reliable with obvious advantages.

3. Thermoplastic TPU has excellent bend resistance and high elasticity, as well as excellent coloring and lightweight flexibility, and is widely used in various automotive power systems, such as wiring harnesses, spiral tubes, multilayer hoses, telescoping wires, flat cables, cable sheaths, connectors, fuses, etc.

4. Thermoplastic TPU has excellent wear resistance and is widely used in automotive transmission systems, such as shift lever handles, universal joint shaft sleeves, shaft liners, bushings and sleeves, steering rod sleeves and gaskets, oil seals and gaskets, etc.

5. Thermoplastic TPU material has excellent corrosion resistance and is widely used in automotive engine systems, such as timing belts, oil pipes, intake devices, lightweight foam for car oil caps, and engine covers.

6. Thermoplastic TPU material has excellent fatigue resistance and is widely used in automotive suspension and chassis systems, such as suspension diaphragms, suspension joint hinges, dust covers, hydraulic and pneumatic pipes, shock absorbers, shock absorber diaphragms, spring limiting blocks.

The above applications of thermoplastic TPU in new energy vehicle components are shared with you here. As a material with outstanding performance and significant technological advancements, thermoplastic TPU is growing rapidly in the global TPU industry, and high-end applications are gradually expanding. It has a variety of applications in the field of new energy vehicles and plays an important role in achieving carbon neutrality.

What is the Application of TPU in New Energy Auto Parts?

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