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What Is TPE Used For?

With the rapid development of the rubber and plastic industry, thermoplastic elastomer TPE gradually replaces the application fields of PVC, rubber, and silica gel. TPE material has excellent weatherability, anti-aging, heat resistance, compression deformation, and other properties.

At the same time, TPE has the common advantages of rubber and plastics, such as environmental protection, non-toxic, soft, good molding, superior performance, and so on. Due to its excellent performance, it is known as "rubber gold" in the industry. TPE can be widely used in both primary and secondary molding materials, and can also be widely used in all walks of life. So what are the uses of TPE?

1. Smart wear: our tpe for sale can be used as smart bracelet or smartwatch wristband, which is also one of the popular TPE applications in recent years;

2. Glue wrapping application (secondary molding): TPE can be used wherever glue wrapping is needed. For example, toothbrush handle, electric tool handle, art knife, tape measure, etc;

3. Electronic wire: it can be used as an earphone cable, data cable, mobile phone shell, plug material, etc;

4. Wire and cable industry: the tpe jacket material can be used as sheath material, outer covering material, antenna and telephone line of wire and cable, and can reach flame retardant hb-v0 level;

5. Food industry: it can be used as kitchen utensils, cutting boards, knives and forks, food packaging, and glue wrapping of kitchen utensils handles;

6. Caster industry: it can be used as industrial casters, medical bed casters, luggage casters, etc;

7. Toy industry: can make toy dolls, soft rubber toys, toy tires and other products;

8. Medical supplies industry: it can be used as an infusion tube, tourniquet, infusion set, medical catheter, etc;

9. Waterpipe industry: it can be used as hose, garden telescopic water pipe, etc;

10. Glasses industry: can make glasses frames, glasses foot cover, nose pad, diving goggles, etc;

11. Automobile industry: it can make many automobile accessories, such as automobile sealing strips, automobile footpad, automobile dust covers, automobile bellows, etc;

12. Sports equipment: it can be used as a tension tube, yoga mat, finger pressure plate, bicycle handle cover, frog shoes, etc;

13. Shoe material industry: it can be used as sole, insole, heel, etc.

What Is TPE Used For?

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