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Why is Medical Grade TPE Material Favored by Medical Device Manufacturers?

With the continuous innovation and development of TPE materials, it has attracted more and more attention from various industries, especially in the field of medical and health, where its application rate is increasingly high. This is largely due to the environmental safety of TPE materials.

Nowadays, there are a variety of medical devices, and the safety of these devices is a major concern for both doctors and patients. Today, we would like to share with you the safety advantages of medical grade TPE from various aspects.

The high purity of medical TPE materials:

It is an ideal and safe environmental material in medical devices, such as disposable infusion sets, seals, injection supplies, medical packaging, etc., because TPE materials have high temperature tolerance, high weather resistance, and no toxic substances regardless of whether they are added with plasticizers or heavy metals. They comply with the requirements of medical materials GB14233.1 and GB16886.1 and can be disinfected at high temperatures without toxic substance emissions.

The high price of medical TPE materials:

The advantages of TPE are obvious, even though the amount used is increasingly high. Traditional rubber (silicone) has a long processing cycle and poses some risk to the body. PVC material is unsafe and unstable. As a material that is currently known to be the most ideal for infusion sets and other medical devices, medical TPE material is safe without any addition, free of carcinogens, and produces only carbon dioxide and water during incineration, without polluting the environment. In addition, TPE has a simple processing technology and low overall cost, which makes it gradually become the cornerstone of the medical material industry.

Medical TPE materials in respiratory masks, tourniquets, etc.:

Medical TPE materials are more friendly to the human body. The surface of the material is soft and smooth, delicate, and has a good cushioning effect, which will not cause harm to the skin.

Medical TPE materials in medical packaging:

In large quantities, PVC materials currently used contain additives with reproductive toxicity and carcinogenicity. At the same time, the materials easily absorb effective ingredients in the drug liquid, which makes the treatment inaccurate, delays patient's condition, and affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Medical TPE materials do not need to add unsafe additives to meet product requirements, improve the medical purity of products, and do not absorb drugs, ensuring the accuracy of drug use and treatment effects.

The research and development of medical TPE materials continue to advance, and the market opportunities for medical TPE materials in the future will be more extensive as technological innovation never stops.

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Why is Medical Grade TPE Material Favored by Medical Device Manufacturers?

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