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High weathering Jacket Material-TPU

1. UL certified vo grade polyether TPU:

UL94-vo(1.5mm) flame retardant grade, fully support the conventional structural cable through the IEC60332-1-2 single vertical burning test;

2. High and low-temperature shrinkage rate, shrinkage rate s1% in high and low-temperature cycle test;

3. High security and reliability, support optic cable through various environmental tests and life tests:

Mold resistance of TPU:

Authoritative certified mold-resistant materials: through the tpu cable jacket military standard mold resistance test(GJB150.10) ;

Hydrolysis resistance of TPU :

Pass 1000/2000Hrs hydrolysis resistance test (different model) (85°C/85% RH,1000/2000 Hrs);

High and low-temperature resistance of TPU:

Wide temperature range for use, Pass 720Hrs high-temperature test (125℃, 720Hrs) and low-temperature destuctvetest such as low-temperature winding (-50C) and low-temperature shock (-50 °C);

Acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, chemical resistant of TPU:

Pass various acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance polymer compound manufacturer test (e.g: acid and alkaliresistance:23° C /168h, intensity change rate  30%, extended rate 100%; oil resistance: 70 ℃ / 24h oil resistance test strength and elongation, change rate s 30%);

UV resistant of TPU:

Pass UL1581 UV test (720Hrs UV cycle test, strength and elongation, retention rate ≥ 80%);

1. High wear resistance:

Polar material, high cohesive energy, and wear resistance are much better than conventional low-smoke halogen-free polyolefin materials (LSZH);

2. Excellent processing performance:

Fully meet the requirements of cable jacket filling, semi-filling, empty pipe extrusion, and high-speed ultra-thin wall

(≤0.1mm, 80-200m/min)extrusion requirements. high yield rate, and low degradation performance such as runny, broken skin, granules, coarse hemp, mold marks, and stereotypes;

3. Advanced appearance:

The even and delicate frosted surface (matte surface) not only makes the cable wear-resistant, reliable high-quality

texture, but also allows the cable jacket surface to have a high friction coefficient, fully satisfying the butterfly cable (eg:3.0mm) pulley hanging test.

High weathering Jacket Material-TPU

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