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CPR Jacket Material-LSZH

1. High flame-retardant performance of LSZH:

Fully support the network cable through the EN 50575:2014+A1:2016 B2ca, Cca, Dca level test (different product models meet different CPR level requirements);

The lszh jacket material is very effective with total heat release and heat release rate peak control scheme. The carbonization efficiency is higher. When burning, the table surface can be quickly charred to form an effective fiber protective layer; the generation of smoke during combustion and the release of halogen acid gas are also in full compliance with the CPR regulations;

2. Safety and reliability of LSZH:

Fully support the cable through environmental resistance test as follows;

Passed high temperature cracking test (YD/T1113 100 °C, 96H, no crackle surface);

Pass the high-temperature aging test (100°C, 168H, tensile strength and elongation change rate ≤ 30%);

As the leaing polymer compound manufacturer, our LSZH passed the -25 c low-temperature shock test.

3. Good wear resistance of LSZH:

Better wear and scratch resistance under same test conditions;

4. Easier processing of LSZH:

Fully meet the high-speed extrusion of optical cables; the wire diameter is round and stable, less flow (less die deposit), good color stability, higher processing yield rate.

5. Stable performance and quality of LSZH:

The product batch stability and uniformity are guaranteed.

CPR Jacket Material-LSZH

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