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Types of Thermoplastic Pipes

The commonly used thermoplastic pipes in HVAC engineering are as follows (arranged according to the order of pipe ring stress value):

1. Thermoplastic polybutene tube

It is a thermoplastic pipe extruded from polybutene-1 resin with an appropriate amount of additives, usually marked with PB. Except for the products of individual enterprises that can be hot-melt connected, they are generally connected by mechanical joints.

2. Thermoplastic cross-linked polyethylene pipe

It is a pipe made of polyethylene or ethylene copolymer with a density greater than 0.94g/c, adding an appropriate amount of additives, and cross-linking its linear macromolecules into a three-dimensional network macromolecular structure by chemical or physical methods, usually in the form of PE-X mark.

According to different cross-linking methods, it is divided into peroxide cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xa), silane cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xb), radiation cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xc), azo cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xd) etc. Connected with mechanical joints.

3. Thermoplastic heat-resistant polyethylene pipe

A special linear medium-density ethylene copolymer obtained by copolymerizing ethylene and octene, adding an appropriate amount of additives, and extruding a thermoplastic pipe, usually marked with PE-RT. Hot melt connection can be used. Depending on the material, the pipe has different allowable stresses.

4. Thermoplastic random copolymer polypropylene pipe

It is a random copolymer of propylene and an appropriate amount of ethylene, adding an appropriate amount of additives, extruded thermoplastic pipes, which can be hot-melt connected, usually marked with PP-R. Hot melt connection can be used.

5. Thermoplastic block copolymer polypropylene pipe

With propylene and ethylene block copolymer, adding appropriate amount of additives, the extruded thermoplastic pipe can be hot-melt connected, usually marked with PP-B; in China and South Korea, it was also marked with PP-C in the past. Hot melt connection can be used.

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Types of Thermoplastic Pipes

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